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We vigorously protect and defend the reputation and identities or our members, clients and models and ensure that no information is released to anyone outside of The Aiglentine Escort Agency.

We also do not respond to any media inquiries that may result in any public exposure. Unlike many other agencies we do not give interviews or seek gratuitous promotion. We prefer

to operate based purely on our impeccable reputation and word of mouth.

Our reputation is extremely important to us.  Aiglentine Escort Agency, we embraces members of aristocracy and very high profile figures, diplomats and business leaders throughout the world.

We have built our reputation on providing an exceptional service based on absolute trust and discretion for all parties. You can rest in the comfort of knowing your privacy will be respected and discretion always observed. This is our number one priority.


This is how Aiglentine Escort Agency manages your requirements to the minutest detail from first contact through to completion.

Completion is defined by you, the customer, i.e. to your complete satisfaction.

Whether it is for the simplest of requirements involving a few phone calls or / and text messages, or for highly complex operations involving transportation, accommodation and the coordination of several individuals, you may rest assured that our highly trained and experienced staff will ensure that everything runs as smoothly as you would wish.

Mission Statement

To provide a unique individual tailored service starting from your initial call. We will adhere to a strict recruitment policy of a minimum of two ( 2 ) in depth interviews and specialized follow up training. This is unique in this environment and is not offered anywhere else. We will provide accurate information about all our candidates. We will listen to your requirements and match them to the right candidate.

Fund Collection

Aiglentine Escort and Introduction Agency, billing under a discreet charging company, will collect funds at times, including advance funds for travel appointments, deposits for bookings, retainers for the convenience of last minute appointments, membership fees, and gifts / tips for the models / escorts.

These funds become apart of the trust fund of the agency, and are non-refundable. Aiglentine Escort and Introduction Agency does not refund fees or deposits at any point, once received. Funds are held in trust and may be used against a future booking or used for the appointment originally intended.

Conditions For International Bookings

Longer bookings, weekends away or other worldwide travel packages can all be arranged to meet your most exacting standards. Please contact our specialist staff to discuss your requirement in detail.

The agency will require an advance deposit of fifty percent ( 50 % ) of the total ( including travel cost ) for all travel bookings, which will be retained as a security against cancellation. Only in exceptional circumstances will the agency agree to any refund, in whole or in part, which would be at its absolute discretion.

Please remember that when you book a courtesan / model for a trip, she cannot arrange other bookings, so the loss in revenue is considerable.

Client Obligation

Please ensure you approach the agency and the companions as gentlemen. We are selective, and will have no hesitation to politely decline your business if you are not behaving a man of honor. We reserve the right to refuse the business of any caller. This cannot be over emphasized.

Our agency exists exclusively to cater for the most refined and high quality clientele only. Our elite female companions definitely have no need or desire to be ‘ busy ’, they prefer to exchange energies with just a few tasteful, appreciative gentlemen, for mutually enjoyable engagement.

Please Note

Payment for services should be made in cash, and must be handed to the lady within the first ten ( 10 ) minutes of meeting her. On no account should our elite escorts have to ask you to pay. You should make payment as soon as possible after introducing yourself, and discreetly and politely give our courtesan a moment to ascertain whether the amount given is as agreed.


A tip to show your appreciation is considered a thoughtful gesture, and is always appreciated, but never expected.


Our companions exude class and sophistication. You may rest assured, in the most confidence, that they can accompany you with dignity and poise to the most elite circles. Our comprehensive collection is a portfolio of the most elegant and stunning companions you would ever wish to meet. Additionally, membership of our privileged circle grants access to the most exclusive, exquisite and best kept secret escorts in this part of the world. We wish to emphasize, that we are not in the business to gain the maximum amount of clients, nor to accept every callers booking. We carefully select our gentlemen as well as our beautiful women, to maintain the concept of our agency for everyone involved.

Making appointments

Our models are accomplished, VIP caliber individuals, in their own right. They are genuinely running to some kind of schedule. A successful commercial model has regular shoots and castings, cabin crew run to a very tight schedule, professional business women and other professionals are all unavailable at some point. As such considering the caliber of high-quality people we are working with, appointments are absolutely necessary. You can make reservation, and the models who agree to accept your date makes herself available to you. She will book a hairdresser and makeup artist at her own expense, and plan an afternoon of beauty and glamour, so she is physically and mentally prepared and refined, to meet with you for a mutually enjoyable and magical engagement. There are very few models at this level who are available without notice, although occasionally it can occur if one of her regular callers happens to need her for a last-minute dinner date or such.

In any case, hopefully this outlines what Appointment only entails, and will allow our potential new clients to conduct themselves accordingly.

We ask that you take advantage of our well-kept scheduling.


We're not around right now. But you can send us an email and we'll get back to you, asap.


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